WCVW finishes window and door delivery to the Marshall Union Manor Building in Portland, OR. 
All of the apartment units were occupied during the window retrofit.  This was a large project.  Close coordination between Richart Builders, the general contractor, and WCVW kept the disruption to a minimum.  The 4500 series Tilt-Turn windows successfully completed four full days of water testing. 

4500 series Folding and Tilt-Slide doors now available. The Tilt-Slide door is a high performance product with good water and air infiltration resistance. The folding door Requires an area with less exposure to water.

Rehau's new GENEO window system is now available to WCVW for fabrication. The new RAU-FIPRO high tech composite material combines uPVC and fiberglass. This gives us the best of both materials. The uPVC allows for welded corners in lieu of the typical mechanical corners used on fiberglass windows and we still get the strength of fiberglass. This also allows for a lighter weight assembly since the steel reinforcement can normally be eliminated.

Window delivery under way for the Marshall Union Manor building in Portland, OR. WCVW will be supplying 333 each 4500 series Tilt-Turn windows, 40 each 1400 series fixed windows, and one 4500 series swing door to retrofit this 12 story retirement home.

Rehau 4500 series window and door systems pass Dade County TAS-201, 202, and 203 large missile impact testing. Included are the Fixed window, Tilt-Turn window, and the outswing French door.

WCVW has made the last delivery to WG Clark Construction for the Denny Terrace building. This project consisted of 639 each 4500 series windows for the Seattle Housing Authority. All windows tested for water infiltration passed in the first round.

Rehau's 4500 series Fixed and Tilt-Turn windows pass GSA blast testing requirements.

WCVW chosen to fabricate the Rehau 4500 series windows and doors for the Rehau-Montana State University Ecosmart House Project. This residential construction and research project aims to expand the industry's body of knowledge regarding environmental and human sustainability. The REHAU MONTANA ecosmart house will incorporate a series of energy-efficient, sustainable building products as well as an overall holistic design approach addressing human sustainability considerations such as telemedicine and aging-in-place

The last delivery made to Remco Deacon by WCVW for 164 each acoustic vinyl 4500 series doors. This project was a remediation of the doors at Thea's Landing in Tacoma, WA.

Premier Window Group LLC

Premier Window Group LLC is a manufacturer's representative company specializing in fenestration products and serving the construction industry. The covered areas are Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

Premier Window Group LLC strives to associate itself with companies that are committed to environmentally friendly sustainable products and manufacturing processes. The communication of ideas that bring about positive change is also part of our commitment.

ecosmart house project

Ecosmart House Project

West Coast Vinyl Windows chosen to fabricate the 4500 series windows and doors for the project.



ecosmart house projectWest Coast Vinyl Windows

West Coast Vinyl Windows of Cerritos, CA, started in 1993 and to this day is at the forefront of fabricating high performance steel reinforced window and door products. As a Rehau Certified Fabricator they are one of the first and largest manufacturers to offer European designed uPVC glazing systems on the west coast. They offer complete project specific design and engineering services.

West Coast Vinyl Windows, along with the above, is the largest supplier of insulated glass, tempered glass, and fabricated glass in southern California.


ecosmart house projectUS Bulletproofing

United States Bullet Proofing Inc. is proud to supply the industry with the most advanced bullet, blast and forced entry resistant high security products. Their job is "Protecting People and Property", and they take that responsibility very seriously as evident in the quality products they manufacture. A great deal of pride and attention to detail goes into each and every high security product. Their products are in use around the world protecting officials in the highest levels of government and private industry.